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University Foundations is an executive recruitment agency in India that works with companies in the Dubai region to find the professionals that they need to grow, develop and achieve success. Since our establishment in 2015, thousands of our clients and candidates have enjoyed the managed, efficient and cost-effective recruitment process that we provide. Our Dubai based recruitment agency was established in 2015 which means our well-developed infrastructure and staff strength are able to assist you with recruitment needs ranging from junior professionals through to middle and senior management, whatever your industry sector. With its strategic location and its reputation for being the hub of the Middle East, Dubai’s job market is constantly evolving with new businesses being set up every day. Millions of job seekers come to this emirate hoping to find lucrative employment opportunities; this growth has led to an increase in the number of recruitment agencies in Dubai that match appropriate employees with the right employers. As competition in almost every field in this city is stiff, reputable recruitment agencies can simplify the job hunting process, which many may find overwhelming.