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Why working abroad is good—for your career and wallet

  1. Personal development.

Moving to a new country to start a new job will undoubtedly push you out of your comfort zone. Nothing helps you grow as a person like interrupting your safe and comfortable routine. Whether you’re a serial traveler or this is your first trip abroad, you’ll gain new perspectives and learn things about yourself and your home country that you never knew before. This new perspective will help you develop personally just as much as you grow professionally. University Foundations helps people in getting jobs

  1. Expand your network.

Working abroad is a great way to expand your personal and professional network. While it’s already possible to network with people all around the world via online platforms, such as LinkedIn, it’s a completely different experience to meeting people in real life. While you work abroad, you’ll be collaborating with locals and expats from other countries—this can expose you to new job opportunities (or opportunities in general!). Additionally, you’ll be forming friendships with people from different backgrounds, some of which will last a lifetime. . University Foundations helps people in getting jobs

  1. Boost your resumé.

Having an international assignment on your resume could boost your future employability. Talent mobility is a big topic in recruiting, and an increasing number of future jobs will require international travel. Your stint working abroad will prove that you’re flexible and independent, and help your resumé stand out from the crowd. Also, any additional skills you gain while abroad, like language skills, will further boost your resumé. . University Foundations helps people in getting jobs

  1. Find your dream career.

Often, the desire to travel comes from a drive to learn more about ourselves. Many people choose to work abroad not only to travel, but also to try out different jobs and new roles. In particular, working holiday visas are a great opportunity to dip your feet into a few new industries. It is very likely that by working abroad you will find new interests and passions, which might lead you on a path to a new career that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. . University Foundations helps people in getting jobs

  1. Earn good money!

That’s right, jobs abroad often pay just as well if not better than jobs at home. Depending on the country you select, it’s very possible to earn a decent living abroad. Also, with living costs being much lower in many other countries, you might even find you’re able to save more than you would at home. This will allow you to travel even more during holidays and possibly between work opportunities. University Foundations helps people in getting jobs